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Pepper, Pork and Prose

Posted on | November 18, 2009 | Written by Jane Nelson | No Comments

I have always loved to cook. As soon as I was tall enough to reach the stove, I would prepare French toast and fried eggs for my siblings every Saturday morning. I’m sure that the first few attempts produced eggs that were too runny and French toast that was too dry, but I got the hang of it with practice. I am more adventurous in the kitchen now. Having overcooked plenty of roast chickens and served many under-seasoned dishes, I take great pleasure in attempting new culinary creations, and I avoid using of recipes as often as possible. I feel comfortable pairing components and conceptualizing dishes with flavors that marry as naturally as salt and pepper, but in execution lies the need to practice and learn by trial and error. At the end of the day, I take pride in everything I make.

This past weekend I made a visit to the Greenmarket and Whole Foods for gastronomic inspiration. I embraced fall and undertook the preparation of a mustard and brown sugar glazed pork loin roasted with Braeburn apples and onions, to be served with mashed potatoes. Although the pork could have been pulled from the oven a little earlier and lacking a vegetable peeler I had to roast the potatoes rather than mash them, the meal tasted like fall to me, and I was able to hone my meat roasting skills in hope of future successes. As I sat to write my first blog post, I thought for a while without experiencing anything resembling an epiphany. After beginning a number of rants and odes, I finally realized writing (a passion of mine) is much like cooking to me—the first go is always simply that—a jumping off point, an opportunity to learn, requiring confidence and risk and always a time to hope for the best.

Here’s to runny eggs and potatoes with skins and the occasional sweet taste of success!


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