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Posted on | December 3, 2009 | Written by Christy Canterbury | No Comments

Two topics bookended the evening’s discussion at a recent de Montille and Deux Montille wine dinner at Brooklyn’s iCi restaurant: global warming and the subjectivity of organics. The discussion began with global warming and its effects on grape vines and wine styles, but by the end of the evening, the conversation grew much more complicated. Winemaker Etienne de Montille, who farms organically and expects to be certified biodynamic within a few years; the owner of iCi, which focuses on local and seasonal and green food; a chef from Savoy, a restaurant with views similar to those of iCi; and the owner of a Brooklyn wine store specializing in small production wines all made impassioned and cogent points in discussing whether or not it is better to buy a local product, which is more green from a climate change perspective, or an organic product, which is ostensibly safer for consumption, that had to travel a few thousand miles.  This discussion inevitably brought up the sad truth that many consumers have lost faith in the USDA “organic” label (whereas in Europe “organic” certifications are held in higher esteem due to strict, on-going soil sampling and other testing). It was an amazingly dense and layered discussion.

The consensus was that caring consumers need to learn about their food and wine sources to make informed purchases.  Tags like “organic,” “sustainable,” “local” and “imported” leave much grey area that begs for interpretation. Therefore, when we caring consumers hear about, learn of, or stumble onto good food and wine, we must all spread the word – to our benefit today and for future generation’s benefits tomorrow!  At IWM, we spread the word by sharing our insights on the producers we personally know and support and hope you will pass on the joys of wine you discover with us to your friends and family.


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