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The Perfect Gift

Posted on | December 24, 2009 | Written by Tida Lenoel | No Comments

I’m an altruistic diner: whenever I’m out at a restaurant with family or close friends, I always look through the menu from all perspectives. I try to spot the dishes I think that each person would like, and I usually find something for everyone—sometimes even before my friend sees it him or herself! I believe that food is elemental to everyone’s personality, and the more time I spend eating with people, the more I learn who they are, what they like, and what they want to eat. For example, I can now confidently order for my father without his even touching the menu. This foodie quirk that I have developed actually translates pretty well when it comes to gift-giving, and my expertise has made Christmas one of my favorite holidays.

Picking out presents can feel very tricky because you want to balance fun with practicality. There’s nothing worse than a response such as “Oh that’s great, thanks so much for the shovel, it’s going to come in really handy this winter.” I hate the idea of my Christmas gift recipient responding with nothing more than politeness. It’s just crushing.

This year, I’m a little late on my Christmas shopping, so I needed to find something quick and easy that still fit well with each person. Working at IWM, I found there was really only gift: wine. To my friend Jennifer, who is very outgoing and ever the instigator, I’m giving Col Vetoraz, one of our signature Proseccos, so that she can start her own party. To Susan, the girly-girl of my group and the woman who takes the longest to get ready, I’m giving the Ca’ dei Mandorli Gavi 2007, a wine that smells just as good as she does. To Stephanie, who is very wise and calm-headed, I’m gifting the A & GN Fantino Barolo Vigna dei Dardi 1996, a wine with a bit more maturity, seriousness and reserve to match Stephanie’s own. I have so many more giftees to go, but I can’t list them all and give away all of my secrets…Happy Holidays!


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