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A Seasonal Delight

Posted on | May 4, 2010 | Written by Maya Borenstein | 1 Comment

Coming from Florida, I haven’t really experienced seasons, though I’ve heard someone call our seasons as “Hurricane season, and not hurricane season.”  This lack of seasonality explains why I didn’t truly understand what a seasonal fruit or vegetable was; I’m used to being able to eat berries and artichokes all year long. Now that it’s finally artichoke season I couldn’t be more excited, for artichokes are my favorite vegetable.

On Monday I went straight to the store and bought three GIGANTIC artichokes—they were literally the size of my head, which is actually small for a head but big for a vegetable.  I had plans to make dinner with a friend and I couldn’t wait to tell him about these artichokes. When I did, he suggested we also make fish with them, and I agreed it was a great idea. Since this was my first artichoke of the season, I decided to make this dinner special and purchased a bottle of Frecciarossa Riesling Gli Orti 2008, which I‘d had once last summer and loved.

I knew this Riesling would be perfect for this dinner because of its sweetness. My favorite way to prepare an artichoke is to steam it and serve it with either a butter-and-lemon-juice dip or a balsamic vinaigrette dip. Knowing I would be having fish, I went with the butter and lemon juice. I simply breaded the fish, added some lemon juice and baked it in the oven while the artichokes were steaming.  Artichokes take almost an hour to steam, depending on the size, and I had to time the fish so everything would be done at the same time. When we finally sat down to eat, my friends were so impressed by our little dinner. I must admit that it was absolutely lovely. The wine complemented our meal perfectly, just as I had hoped.

It was a seasonal success!


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  1. Kerry-Jo Rizzo
    May 4th, 2010 @ 3:21 pm

    Sounds amazing!! Invite me over!

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