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Posted on | October 7, 2010 | Written by Kerry-Jo Rizzo | No Comments

I am madly excited for autumn’s arrival; the change of seasons allows me to unpack clothes, foods and wines I’d put away when the weather got hot. I’m really looking forward to once again enjoying one of my favorite cool-weather wines, an affordable luxury by the name of Barda. Produced by the house Bodega Chacra and first purchased by Piero Incisa della Rocchetta in 2004, the estate was once an abandoned Patagonian vineyard planted nearly seventy years back.  I am always on a budget, so I often go for the gorgeous Barda, filled with velvety tannins and yummy fruit. It’s a wine that shows me how a wine made well outperform some higher end purchases.

However much I’m looking forward to seeing the frost shine on the pumpkin, I’m also looking forward to those serendipitous warm days of Indian summer.  Last summer, I discovered Stella’s Grignolino d’Asti.  Grignolino, an obscure, indigenous Piemontese varietal, and I’m loath to say good-bye to it quite yet. Possessing a superb light-bodied wine full of fruit and flowery aromatics and a slight effervescence, it’s perfect for warm-weather hors d oeuvres and cocktail parties.  I’m looking forward to watching the leaves change from a New York City rooftop while enjoying this refreshing wine with the city, the sunset, and a warm breeze.

Now that it’s fall I will be falling in love once again with my beloved Pinot Noir from Argentina.  I’ll also look forward to those serendipitous warm autumn evenings to spend with my Grignolino. But my heart is expansive. I’d love to know what your favorite value-conscious wines are, because I’m always on the lookout for new inexpensive gems.


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