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Drinking on the Job

Posted on | October 27, 2010 | Written by Alexandra Hill | No Comments

When I arrived home from IWM last night, my roommate asked me how work was, as is the custom.  In reply, I gave a small anecdote from the day.  A colleague commented on my unusual combination of beverages that lay before me: water, Diet Coke, and a glass of wine.  Telling my roommate, I believed I was pointing out my strange taste in combinations, but my roommate saw it differently. She immediately exclaimed, “You’re drinking wine at work!”

I thought to myself, well, yes, of course!

The wines we tasted yesterday afternoon were three wines featured in our Cellar Selections from Waters Winery.  Before the tasting, I was given information on each wine’s flavor profiles, the producer, and varietal distribution.  As I was reading, I noticed a small group of co-workers forming behind my desk.  The tasting had begun!

Each of our tastings happens in a similar manner.  First, our Wine Acquisitions Director, Christy Canterbury, sends an email naming the wines that will be opened and kindly reminds us to BOG (Bring Your Own Glass).  Then we gather and we each pour small tastes of the wine, give our own perceptions of the wine, and confirm certain details of production.  It’s a very casual but collaborative effort that enables me to understand the different ways people can experience the same wine.  It also provides me with the ability to relate to the wine, understand it, and use my experience to better inform my clients of what to expect when they open a bottle.

Wine is so much about personal experience and personal flavor profiles.  It is impossible to describe a wine in its entirety having never experienced its taste or smell.   For Portfolio Managers at IWM, drinking wine is essential to helping our clients in the best way possible. And for me personally, it’s also a great, big, delicious perk.


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