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Go-To-Wine Tuesday, De Conciliis Donnaluna 2008 Aglianico

Posted on | December 7, 2010 | Written by Kerry-Jo Rizzo | 1 Comment

After waiting patiently for a couple of inexplicable months, I was delighted to be chosen as this week’s Go-To-Wine Tuesday blogger.  To my surprise I received our new addition to the shelf, the De Conciliis Donnaluna 2008 Aglianico.  I have had Aglianico once or twice in the past, and I thought it was a pretty good wine. However, I also felt I paid a high price for the quality I was getting.  The Donnaluna is incredibly affordable at $22.75 per bottle, and it’s extremely tasty. I took the wine home Friday and figured I’d embark on a weekend long tasting excursion.

On Friday night, I was the happy owner of a Momofuku Rye croissant stuffed with pastrami, mustard and sauerkraut.  I figured, what the heck, let’s see how this goes.  The tangy acidity of this wine combined with its ripe red fruit and peppery finish was a perfect complementary pairing for my crazy croissant. Leaving this wine chilled at 55 degrees until Saturday afternoon, I decided to go all out and order some drunken Thai noodles with Bu-Ri-Rum (NY shell steak with thai spices and papaya and sticky rice).  At this point I said, “Drinking Aglianico mid-afternoon with altogether too much Thai food for one person?  Sounds great!”  The Aglianico surprised me this time.  The peppery notes were brought out more by the different aromatics in the Thai sauces, and it stood up to the spicy heat of the dishes quite nicely.  It was complementary as well as utterly refreshing.  It was a perfect red wine Thai feast pairing!

I ended up having a fourth of a bottle left by Sunday morning.  Well on my way on my Aglianico excursion, I figured, hey, there’s one cold slice of pizza left in the fridge and one-fourth bottle of aglianico: that’s breakfast!  I didn’t expect much from the Aglianico considering that it’s a value wine and it had been opened at the beginning of the weekend.  To my delight, the texture of the cold pizza mixed with the wine’s subtle flavors was the perfect basic dish for the Aglianico’s last day.  I never knew one wine at this price could last this long as well as pair wonderfully with so many dishes.

Now that you all know my healthy eating habits, please buy your own DeConciliis Donnaluna Aglianico and embark on an Italian red wine journey all your own.  Just do it responsibly.


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