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Bubblies Save the Day, or at Least the Eve

Posted on | December 31, 2010 | Written by Kerry-Jo Rizzo | 1 Comment

If there is an equivalent to the Grinch for New Year’s Eve, I am she.  I never understand why anyone would want to pay double at clubs and restaurants to celebrate the beginning of a “new” year.  Time being relative, thinking that there is a “new” year is a concept that I find quite hysterical.  I also fail to comprehend how thousands of people think it’s a magical idea to stand in the middle of Times Square for twelve hours plus, usually in freezing temperatures, with no access to bathrooms and much threat of being squished to near suffocation.

There is, however, one very wonderful aspect to this holiday.  So wonderful, in fact, that it makes all of the drudgery of New Year’s traditions worth it.  And that wonderful thing would be sparkling wine.  Champagne often claims the primary place as the drink of festivity, mostly due to great marketing during the Industrial Revolution.  But in addition to Champagne, we can enjoy sparkling wine from other parts of the world.  Cava is a favorite of mine from Spain.  I also truly enjoy the fresh, fruit-forward yet citrusy aspects of Italy’s Prosecco.  Being totally enamored with Riesling, I am overjoyed to see this grape being produced in Lombardia in a frizzante style, and I absolutely love the avant-garde creation Frecciarossa 2008 Riesling Frizzante Nai.  Another wonderful Italian sparkling for the season would be the Bruno Giacosa 2004 Spumante Brut, made from Pinot Noir and  vinified in the méthode champenoise technique, which makes it similar to Champagne with the second fermentation in the bottle. (Click here for IWM’s full list of Champagnes, Proseccos and other sparklers.)

I realize my opinions on New Year’s Eve are rather harsh. Maybe I need to travel and spend New Year’s in other countries to experience the same holiday with some different cultural traditions.  But I do know, no matter where I go to celebrate, there will always be bubbly! And for that, I’m delighted. Sparkling, even.


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  1. Keith Hickson
    December 31st, 2010 @ 11:39 am

    I agree with you 100%. Large crowds aren’t for me but cava and Prosecco always hit the spot. Cheers and a Happy New Year.

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