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Go-To-Wine Tuesday

Posted on | March 8, 2011 | Written by Kerry-Jo Rizzo | No Comments

This weekend I was lucky to meet up with one of my best friends from high school whom I hadn’t seen in about seven years and to become the recipient of a bottle of IWM wine, Agricola Punica’s 2008 Montessu. My friend Jed and I cracked it open and found the Montessu to be a wonderful Sardinian wine with ample dark fruit notes and nice depth with a hint of anise at the end. Jed and I got talking of his travels to Europe, Scotland mostly, but somehow our Italian red was the perfect pairing for our reunion and conversation.  As we moved the reunion to the East Village, we decided to make it a wine-focused night on the town with Sardinian wines in the spotlight. It was quite hard without buying a full bottle, but we found two Carignano-based Sardinian reds by the half bottle and did our comparison.

I’m not sure what the issue was, but our Montessu won by a landslide.  You would think after having a few drinks that our opinions would be somewhat kinder.  These other wines, which will remain nameless, didn’t exhibit as much fruit, stood much more on the bitter and earthy end, but were without the tannin or acidity to support such flavors.  Overall, they were dull.  And not only dull! Expensive! Spending three times what we would have on our little Montessu, our wallets were aching as well as our hearts.

After a few sake-based cocktails, we arrived safe and sound to the party roaring in his sleek new apartment.  I had the cleverness to also bring over one of my delectable favorites, the La Sala 2003 Vin Santo.  Not only is it rich and unctuous, but it also shows deep flavors of dried apricots, bananas and brazil nuts.  Almost like a jungle in a glass–well, perhaps a sophisticated, classy jungle.  So at the end of a great night out in New York City, I had all my good friends with me… Jed, La Sala and my beloved Montessu.


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