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Tasting Burgundy and Barolo with Their Makers

Posted on | March 31, 2011 | Written by Andrew Miramontes | No Comments

At IWM, we understand that most important thing we can do to help our clients make the right wine choices is to taste wine ourselves.  Our support staff is very good about making sure we taste the new wines that come through our cellar, and they’re are quick to crack a bottle so that we may answer the questions for ourselves.  But even more valuable is actually meeting with a winemaker and tasting several different bottles that they’ve produced. This allows us the maximum understanding of what the specific producer has to offer as well as an insight into specific vintages.

This month has been particularly special because we’ve had the opportunity to meet with two Burgundy winemakers, Jacques Lardier of Louis Jadot and Didier Seguier of William Fevre, as well as one of the most iconic Italian winemakers from Barolo, Guiseppe Rinaldi. In the case of the two Burgundian producers, we were able to taste between eight and ten wines from each of their respected domaines and then discuss the differences in the wines and in the houses.  In getting to know Burgundy, this kind of comparison could not be more valuable, for it is a region whose terroir is so specifically delimited that only someone who has spent years in all of these small vineyards can truly explain the differences between the wines each vineyard produces.

Our meeting with Guiseppe Rinaldi gave us a greater understanding of the work of this iconic Barolo producer.  This was his first visit ever to the United States, and we were able to sit in a room and listen to his thoughts on the region of Barolo, his wines, and most importantly, his vineyards. After gaining an understanding of his philosophy, I had the opportunity to taste several different vintages of his two Barolos. To taste the different vintages and see the difference based on the year is extremely though provoking.

Opportunities like these do not come around that often for most wine lovers, and we are fortunate that producers from estates like Louis Jadot, William Fevre, and Rinaldi come and visit us here at IWM.  It makes us feel like a crossroad in the wine world.  Of course, sharing our experience with our clients is the true reward, and if you are not familiar with the onsite events hosted by IWM then I recommend you come and join us.  You never know what you are going to learn, what you’re going to taste, or whom you’re going to meet.


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