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Wines for Memorial Day

Posted on | May 26, 2011 | Written by Janice Cable | No Comments

This weekend sees the official start of summer, which means the first day that anyone with a grill is contractually obligated to fire it up. While beer may be the go-to beverage of the hot summer months (and trust us, we have nothing against the beauty of hops, malt and barley), not everyone loves beer, and some foods, some people and some moments simply call out for wine. In celebration of those foods, those people and those celebrations, here’s a brief list of some of our favorite summer wines.

Cima da Conegliano Prosecco Extra Dry NV: there’s nothing like a sparkler on a national holiday, and this Prosecco has the cutest little bubbles, a wicked dry palate, and pretty floral aromas. Let the kids write their names in the night with that kind of sparkler, this one is for you.

La Pietra Tommasone Ischia Bianco Terradei 2009: like a trip to Capri in a glass, this Bianco shines with Southern Italian sun. Crisp, citrusy, fresh and pellucid, this is a wine for your pesto, crab salad, or clam bake. Not everyone likes a burger.

Poderi Aldo Conterno Conca Tre Pile Barbera d’Alba 2007: but for people who do like a burger, there’s Aldo Conterno and Barbera to the rescue.Cheery, fruity, and acidic, this is a Barbera that could only come from the King of Barolo, Aldo Conterno. It’s great with meat, especially BBQ. Zesty and yummy.

Agricola Punica Montessu 2008: if you like wine that strides the line between wild and wooly and cool sophistication, look no further than this Sardinian gem. It’s a gorgeous, velvety, wine whose upbeat, unique personality reflects its pedigree of wine nobility and Sardinian coop. Check it out with a grilled steak. You’ll become a convert.

No matter how you celebrate this three-day weekend, we at IWM wish you a happy, healthy, and fun one. May all your glasses be half full and completely delicious.


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