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Terroir or Not Terroir?

Posted on | June 2, 2011 | Written by Alexandra Hill | No Comments

I recently stumbled upon a video featuring Jamie Goode entitled “Seven things you should know about terroir in wine.” In the video Jamie attempts to explain terroir with seven points.  In short, the seven points discussed are:

  1. Climate
  2. Soil
  3. Taste of terroir
  4. Origin of minerality
  5. Human element
  6. New World terroir
  7. The quiet voice of terroir

The video attempts to unearth the mysterious term of terroir in a very brief discussion.  The seven thoughts discussed, while interesting and thought provoking, leave several questions unanswered.  But then again, perhaps that is the point… to spark a discussion on terroir and leave the viewer to form their own opinion.  While Jamie seems to makes few distinctive stances on terroir, he does do a wonderful job expressing two particular matters of terroir.  First, he makes it clear that the taste of terroir cannot be defined and is more or less a demonstration of differences between the same grape varietal treated with the same process, yet grown in a different vineyard.  Second, terroir speaks with a quiet voice and it is the nuances we find in wines that we can attribute to it, nuances which are so easily lost given a poor or overly zealous wine maker.

If terroir interests you I suggest taking a look and forming your own opinion.


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