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Twittering from the Edge

Posted on | June 10, 2011 | Written by Josh Rubenstein | No Comments

Recently I’ve taken up tweeting my thoughts and experiences for IWM.  I admit, I’ve resisted social media for as long as possible, particularly Twitter.  We fear what we do not understand, no?

Fortunately, IWM’s diva of social media, Janice “The Voice” Cable, has held my hand as I dip my toe in the waters of Twitterverse.  I’m following some long time favorites such as Eric Asimov and Jancis Robinson and some local HK voices I respect such as Debra Meiburg and JC Viens, and I find the whole thing (I can’t believe I’m saying this) very cool.

Just this morning I found articles on synthetic cork research in China by Debra, an article on the value of the MW Exam from JC, a blackberry pie recipe from Tom Powers, and Mr. Asimov re-tweets Jancis Robinson’s California Pinot piece while also wondering if Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia is truly in peak physical condition.  All of this at my fingertips, from folks whose interests are most closely aligned with mine.  This is Twitter.  How do people not know about this?

Considering that the Dalai Lama has nearly 2 million followers, and some tiger-blooded chap called Charlie Sheen has over 4 million, I’d say I’m a little late to the party.  But I’m here now and look forward to sharing what’s interesting in Hong Kong’s world of food and wine with you.  Follow me @IWMJosh to keep up!



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