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Of Holidays, BBQ and Wines

Posted on | June 30, 2011 | Written by Jordan Birch | No Comments

Fireworks and freedom, chocolate ice cream and apple pie, BBQs and glorious wine.  When the fourth of July rolls around I traditionally throw a rooftop party at my Park Slope pad, pairing unusual dishes with spectacular bottles out of  the IWM cellar.  While most of the country is doing burgers and chicken, this year I am going with a seafood boil theme with some spicy South American pepper dishes and a clambake.

You may be dubious and cling tight to your bottle of beer. However, serving wine at barbecues has been a growing phenomenon in the last few years as the palates of American consumers develops a deeper sophistication and appreciation for the unusual parings a good wine can provide for almost any dish.  The only rule is that there is no rule, save one: choose quality, always.

The Fouth of July has always been a family affair for me and the first official vacation of summer.  Combing through the inventory I discovered a unique opportunity to deliver a keep it in the family theme with my wine selections.  Paolo Bea is perhaps the most reknown producer in Umbria and his son Gianfranco is a fruit not fallen far from the tree. This year, my BBQ will feature Gianfranco’s Monastero Suore Cistercensi Rusticum Bianco 2008, a white Verdicchio blend from Lazio. I’m also thinking I’m going to go with his father’s esoteric Santa Chiara 2007, an unusual blend of Garganega, Malvasia, and Grachetto.

On the red side, I will be serving Paolo’s impressive IGT offering of the Umbria Rosso Vigna San Valentino 2006, with the icing on the proverbial cake being the Pagliaro Sagrantino di Montefalco.

So fire up them grills, pop a cork, and let the sparkles in the sky be mirrored in your mouths with a choice selection.  Tastes like freedom to me.


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