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The Wonderful White Wines of Didier Dagueneau

Posted on | July 20, 2011 | Written by Evan LaNouette | No Comments

In the Loire Valley there are few producers who blend a spirit of experimentation and perfection quite like the late Didier Dagueneau. A man who looked more like the typical Cro-Magnons of Ancient Gaul than a connoisseur, Didier was a winemaker who both had a great respect for the health of his vineyards, but also had a mad scientist’s enthusiasm in the cellar. In the world of winemaking, Didier is a part of a small class of winemakers whose wines captivate the imagination of their audience, unleashing a tour de force of wine vision. In some ways, his wines are an expression of Didier’s own personal eccentricities; in others, they’re the product of his restless experimentation with wine. Never receiving formalized wine training, Didier was a driven perfectionist who took risks throughout his life, including the one that led to his death in 2008 in a tragic ultra-light plane accident.

At IWM we continue to honor this iconoclastic producer’s life’s work. The first time I tasted a Didier Bussion Renard was like the first time I tasted a Gravner Breg Anfora or a Soldera Brunello. The moment seared so completely in my mind that it became the standard to measure the taste of greatness in a wine. My sentiment expands with the pride we have here in representing the rare Didier Dagueneau Pouilly Fume Buisson Renard in both the 2002 and 2006 vintages. This Sauvignon Blanc derives from the Didier’s vineyard in the Loire Valley, now overseen by his children who carry on his Domaine, where a concentrated expression of terroir is distilled in grapes of extremely low yield per vine. Each bottle of his Busson Renard has a tactile mouth feel that is carried by a larger-then-life body for a white wine. However, there is balance and an unexpected purity as well that contrasts with a golden color in the glass. We’re honored to be one of a few merchants in the entire country to have access to the wines of this master.

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Photo comes courtesy of the Tribute to Didier Dagueneau.


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