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Go-To-Wine Tuesday

Posted on | August 30, 2011 | Written by Tim Hemphill | No Comments

This week’s wine took me back to the place where I started my Italian tour of wine, Friuli.  My wife and I are avid seafood fans, and in the past whites were always our choice because they pair so well with seafood.  When I saw the Ronco del Gnemiz Sauvignon Blanc 2009 priced just under $30, I remembered back to older vintages of this wine that I tasted.  It’s a lovely Sauvignon Blanc that is refreshing, lively and laden with strong mineral qualities.  There is an added bright acidity that tingles the tongue with notes of wild herbs and vegetation.  The color is a shining gold and I can only imagine this coming from sun-drenched fields of Northern Italy with its aged and rich soils and hilly terrain.

This is a perfect drink while basking in the late summer evenings and watching the sun set over the Manhattan skyline (a frequent evening pastime of mine).  Try pairing this with some seasonal fruits or light antipasti with scallops, clams and calamari.  You can also try a soft cheese like Coupole, a fresh, young goat’s milk cheese that’s shaped like a small dome and lightly dusted with vegetable ash.  However you pair it, either with food or just a moment in time, take the time to connect with the aromatic bouquet of freshness and find solace in the glass.


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