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Go-To-Wine Tuesday (Holiday Sparkler Edition!)

Posted on | December 20, 2011 | Written by Evan LaNouette | No Comments

The holiday season is a seriously busy time for IWM Portfolio Managers and our event team. Our clients send a multitude of holiday gifts to their business colleagues and friends, so during the holidays our second floor meeting room serves as a holding space for packages ready to ship, while our Studio del Gusto rings in the holiday season with celebrating crowds enjoying antipasti and a sipping vino Italiano. It’s a festive, but fast-paced, time for us. Most of our team saw the season crescendo last week, and now things are slightly tapering until this Sunday arrives and we all can enjoy the luxury of the holiday season.

Last week, to celebrate rounding the corner of the bulk of the holidays, I grabbed a longtime beloved bottle that had somehow slipped out of my roster–a great bottle of sparkling Fiano, Algianico, and Barbera from a producer obsessed with great times and the swing of music. Bruno De Conciliis, the gentleman behind the label, is a lover of jazz, and the wine I picked up was his Selim Spumante Brut NV.

The wine is an interesting blend of grapes, both red and white, that gives the wine a sandstone hue and great minerality. The name of the wine is a veiled tribute to a Jazz master and anagram for “Miles,” as in Miles Davis–the great jazz musician. But this tip of the fedora to Miles Davis is no incidental act, for Bruno De Conciliis believes his wines benefit from front-row seats to music, and Bruno opts to play the tunes of Miles Davis and other musical masters in his cellars for his aging wine.

Whether you believe the energy of the soulful notes translates into the vibes of the wines is almost beside the point: the wine’s flavors naturally entertain your senses. Under $22, De Conciliis Selim Spumante Brut NV is a great bottle to get for the dropping of the Times Square ball, or for any celebration, really. Before we indulge in eggnog, it’s always good to remember to keep a bottle of spirited bubbly on your radar for coming occasions, and I’d heartily suggest this one. From our team to your family, have Happy Holidays.



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