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Last-Minute Wine Presents

Posted on | December 21, 2011 | Written by David Bertot | No Comments

I am an awful, impatient shopper in general. Around the holidays, I am even worse shopper because my patience is close to zero. But I’ve found a shopping secret, at least one that works for those of legal age. Wine is the perfect gift: it is a storied and carefully made living thing of character, sacrifice and very hard work, and it’s designed to be enjoyed socially. Even before I was in the wine industry, I would always give friends and loved ones gifts of wine; it makes the life of a grumpy shopper so much easier.

Here are a few cool last minute options for the people who remain on your gift list. The wines of Bartolo Mascarello are always an excellent gift, specifically for the tough-to-buy-for wine lover. You might give an Italian wine novice the Bartolo Mascarello Barbera 2009, and save the Mascarello Bartolo Barolo 2007 for a more experienced wine-lover.

This choice is no brainer–an enrollment in one of our wine clubs is an incredibly thoughtful gift. It’s an excellent choice as a gift for people who might want to explore Italian wines leisurely in the comfort of their own homes.  We offer several levels to choose from, so you are well equipped to match the needs of your gift recipient.

The wines of Giuseppe Quintarelli offer something special for everyone.  As I have mentioned several times before, I have a passion for these wines since they are unique in their character and profiles.  From the Bianco Secco 2010 to the Recioto 1997, you’ll find something for every different palate.

Lastly, instead of a traditional gift of physical wine, an afternoon in our own Studio del Gusto is a downright awesome gift for anyone who wants to experience the glory of wine. Our Studio Regionale tastings give an in depth guided look at our wines, and the calendar is up for January and February events.  However you decide to spend this holiday season, do so in love, compassion, giving, and gratefulness. I know I will.


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