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Hong Kong Restaurant Service Raises the Bar

Posted on | March 30, 2012 | Written by Josh Rubenstein | No Comments

From afar, it may seem that the Hong Kong wine market is still all about the most expensive Bordeaux.  Auction results will always catch headlines and there’s no doubt that most wine investments are made with Bordeaux at the core. On the ground in Hong Kong, however, you see a different focus, one that’s local, service-based, and palpable.

It’s in the restaurants, the clubs and the pubs, where the service standard among waiters and sommeliers, along with constantly improving selection at the finest restaurants to the local pubs, continues to raise the Hong Kong wine game on a very accessible level.

In the past, Hong Kong has not received high regard for its standard of tableside service in restaurants.  For example, a great many Italian restaurants until very recently were listing French wines before Italian wines on their lists.  This was owing to the fact that it was uncommon to find professionals eager to lead their guests into trying new experiences. But things seem to be changing.

Last week, I attended a dinner at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University at which the students executed every aspect of the evening.  The students put forth a wonderful effort and gained hands-on experience that they can take into the bustling Hong Kong food and beverage scene.  There was no discussion of Lafite or DRC; that’s not what is motivating this group.  Rather, it’s  their collective commitment to making Hong Kong a premier region for consistently outstanding dining, further proof of the overall rise experience quality in Hong Kong.

Looking beyond the shock-value of HK’s sales results, we see that the dedication of both imported and up-and-coming local industry professionals is enhancing Hong Kong as a wine and service destination, from top to bottom.   These pros are enriching the lives of local foodies and curious visitors from abroad.  And it’s only going to get better.


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