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Samoas and Champagne, Anyone?

Posted on | January 22, 2014 | Written by David Gwo | No Comments

mtc_samdelNormally, I’m not a dessert guy—as I’ve gotten older I gradually started losing my sweet tooth. It’s not a dietary thing because I love to eat and I don’t particularly care about caloric intake. Once I cut out drinking soda (and picked up wine!) all the other sweets I used to take in kind of just followed. There is one exception, though; once a year I’ll splurge on a couple of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

We’ve all been there before. You made a New Year’s resolution to not eat cookies or you just started this new diet, then low and behold there’s a ring at your door. Who’s standing outside? These adorable little girls with their Girl Scout uniforms and 50 boxes of cookies. One year I was walking through my local mall and there was a Girl Scout cookie stand that was busier than all of the stores in the place combined. Next thing you know you’ve just bought 10 boxes of cookies, because who can say “no” to those faces? Before I knew it, I was asking myself, “Do I have enough milk in the fridge?”

Anyone out there who denies eating and enjoying a Girl Scout cookie, you’re lying. I swear whoever came up with the idea to have cute little girls shake down adults in exchange for cookies is a sales genius. As we roll into 2014, at some point I’m sure you’re going to run into some Girl Scout cookies—after all, Girl Scout Cookie Weekend begins on February 7.

Here at IWM we pair good food—even cookies—with good wine. Here are a couple of my favorite Girl Scout cookies and what I would drink with them:

1)    Cookie: Samoas/Caramel deLites

Wine: Andre Clouet Brut Nature Silver NV

This sparkling 100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir from Bouzy receives no dosage. As a result, this Champagne is very focus and possesses great structure. Notes of brioche come through on the nose, while lemon and mineral flavors develop on the palate to complement the coconut, caramel, and chocolate flavors of Samoas.

2)    Cookie: Lemonades

Wine: 2010 Antinori Cervaro della Sala

This is the flagship wine of Antinori’s Castello della Sala estate. A blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Grechetto, this wine has floral and tropical fruit aromas on the nose followed by toasty citrus notes on the palate. This is a full-bodied wine that would go well with the tangy lemon icing of Lemonades. 

3)    Cookie: Do-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich

Wine: 2005 Nicolis Ambrosan

This is a pairing of dense meets dense. This fantastic single-vineyard Amarone has full flavors of plummy black cherry fruit and chocolate backed by juicy acidity. Makes you want to dip your Do-Si-Dos into it; I wouldn’t advise that, but I also wouldn’t judge you if you did.

4)    Cookie: Thanks-A-Lot

Wine: 2012 Ca dei Mandorli Brachetto d’Acqui

This is a dessert wine made from 100% Brachetto in a frizzante (lightly sparkling) style. It is ruby in color with aromas of roses and red fruits, flavors of strawberries on the palate, and with just the right amount of sweetness to stand up to the classic chocolate layered cookie. Great combination—think chocolate-covered strawberries.



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