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Go-To-Wine Tuesday: Movia 2008 Pinot Grigio

Posted on | March 4, 2014 | Written by David Klay | No Comments

WH1593-2If you are looking for a Pinot Grigio that defies the notion of that typical floral and citrusy Italian white wine, then look no further than the Movia’s 2008 Pinot Grigio. What sets the Movia Pinot Grigio apart from the rest is the incredible range of flavors you get from the nose to the palate. This range makes the wine more akin to its Alsatian counterpart, Pinot Gris, than to the Pinot Grigio you think you know. If you want a unique go-to white with a little something different, this is it.

On first inspection, right out of the bottle, the wine shows a golden hue, considerably darker than your average Pinot Grigio. The nose offers an immense bouquet of honey, flowers and beautiful nuttiness. Taking a sip, you get a continuation of hazelnut, joined by apricot kernel and a honeyed spiciness that rounds everything out really nicely. It’s that nutty quality that makes Movia’s Pinot Grigio stand out and gives you that something extra that maker Ales Kristancic strives to capture in his wines.

With six years of age, the Movia 2008 Pinot Grigio comes from handpicked biodynamically grown grapes that ferment on natural yeasts, and the estate uses no sulfur in vinification, allowing the wine to naturally stabilize.  Unlike some Pinot Grigios, Movia’s wine can stand up to stronger food flavors. I served this bottle to a group of friends this past weekend as an accompaniment to a meal of seared salmon served with sesame noodles. The nuttiness of the wine brought out the intensity in the sesame and vice versa.

This Pinot Grigio is a real accomplishment in the world of Italian white wines. In a land where red wine can easily dominate, Movia Pinot Grigio holds its own. At $30 a bottle, it’s a steal considering all the layers of aroma, flavor and intensity.


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