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Inside IWM, April 21-24, 2014: Location, Location, Location Edition

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Vines at Il Palazzone

Vines at Il Palazzone

We began this week with a tour of Sicilia’s winemaking history, and we ended it with an impassioned invitation to join the cult of Brunello. These pieces converge not only on being about wine in general, or our recent eLetter offers of wine in specific, but also by highlighting the importance of terroir–those magical, ineffable qualities of site-specific place–in selecting, appreciating and understanding wine. RKO came to his own appreciation of terroir in a three-decade vintage tasting of Montevertine Le Pergole Torte. Spoiler alert: he was blown away. And David Gwo put our history lesson of Sicilia into practice when he enjoyed a delicious value wine: under $30 COS Frappato.

Our experts took a somewhat broader view in selecting their choices this week. Garrett used the warming weather as his guide for picking a pair of “thought-provoking” whites from biodynamic Movia. Will also claimed weather as his guide in picking a pair of summertime wines from Sartarelli (a Verdicchio) and San Giuliano (a Barbaresco), but earlier in the week, he used entry-level wines and “off” vintage wines to select a stellar pair from Aldo Conterno and Cupano. And Francesco hearkened back to 1996, the year that Titanic won Best Picture and the Bulls won their fourth NBA championship, to pick two gorgeous ’96 Barolos, one Luciano Sandrone and one Bartolo Mascarello.

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