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Go-to-Wine, La Sala 2011 Chianti Classico

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | Written by Jessica Catelli | No Comments

RD8362-2I always look forward to going home in New Jersey, especially on Sundays, our family day. On Sunday, my grandparents, uncle, cousins, sister, and even friends gather around the table to share stories, jokes and, of course, delicious home-cooked food and amazing wine.

This past Sunday my mother was hosting for my grandmother’s 83rd birthday. She asked for two things: my mother’s cooking and for all of us to play bingo. These were two easy things to offer her. My mother prepared a beautiful spread filled with cheeses, sautéed vegetables, spaghetti and meatballs. To accompany this meal I selected a Tuscan favorite here at Italian Wine Merchants, La Sala’s Chianti Classico, a mono-varietal Sangiovese and a piece of Tuscan history.

It was a big hit with my family. The wine’s nose is ripe with hints of berry and earth; while its mouth-feel is refreshing, juicy and smooth. This Chianti is a bit acidic, showing flavors of cherry, earthiness, and richness that blend nicely with its spiciness—a fairly typical flavor profile for Chianti or Sangiovese based wines. With its beautiful finish and is definitely a palate-pleasing wine, La Sala 2011 Chianti Classico is a great everyday drinking wine or great for opening for toasting a special occasion, and priced at $30 a bottle, this wine really over delivers.

Overall, the La Sala Chianti Classico was a great complement to our perfect autumn day to say the least. I hope you enjoy it with family, friends, great home cooking, and laughter.


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