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Inside IWM, November 3-6, 2014: Keeping It Real Edition

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vtr and bottlesWe kicked off the week with a look at homonyms and how otherwise good wine writing can go bad. Do you know the difference between Slavonian and Slovenian? You should. We closed the week with a look at how good intentions can go bad–and why you shouldn’t judge a wine by its label. Crystal Edgar takes on wine fraud and discusses the importance of provenance. In between, David Bertot poured some thrilling praise of a stunning $25 Valpolicella that might be your new favorite Tuesday night red. And Jessica Catelli took us on a tour of IWM’s tasting events, big and small, public and private, and why she loves what we do.

Our experts were almost to a one fixated with single producers. Garrett Kowalsky explored his love of Burgundy legend Comte Armand. David Gwo celebrated Domaine Gallois with his two selections. Robin Kelley O’Connor prepared for our special dinner with Alessia Antinori by touting two wines from Fiorano, Alessia’s latest project; don’t miss RKO’s interview with this winemaker, coming next week! Only Justin Kowalsky diversified his love, choosing a pair of white Burgundies from Chavy-Chouet and Latour-Giraud.

Here’s to real passion for real wines from the bottoms of our real hears–and our real crystal glasses!


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