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Inside IWM, November 10-13, 2014: All the Feels Edition

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with GiampaloThis week was all about feelings, memories and passions. We ended the week on such a high note that it’s important to end there–with John Camacho Vidal’s love of Sagrantino and how this grape, the most tannic on earth, inspired new friendships on his trips to Umbria. Don’t miss it!

Before ending in Umbria, we took quite the journey. RKO interviewed Alessia Antinori, one of Marchese Piero Antinori’s three winemaker daughters, whose project is nurturing the legendary Fiorano winery back from obscurity. A huge fan of Canalicchio di Sopra, Garrett Kowalsky always loves this estate’s works, but the 2012 Rosso di Montalcino really sends his love spinning. And we began the week with a personal look at wine giving, and why feelings can inspire the best gifts.

Our experts similarly let their passions be their guides. Both Crystal and David Gwo let their love of a specific producer help them choose their wines, Josko Gravner and Vincent Girardin, respectively. Will Di Nunzio was led by his love of fall and the season’s shift to “big reds,” including those of Tenuta San Guido and Cupano. And Francesco Vigorito opted for a pair of longtime favorite bottlings, Fontodi Chianti Classico and Quintarelli Primofiore.

Here’s to your sharing what you love with the people you care about, and for letting IWM be part of it, on your table, in your cellar, and in your glass!


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