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Expert Picks: Ada Nada and…Ada Nada!

Posted on | February 2, 2015 | Written by Garrett Kowalsky | No Comments

Garrett_8.6.14_72dpiJanuary 2015 was by far the busiest month for me professionally since I joined IWM and my personal life might just have equaled its pace. When last weekend arrived, I just wanted to kick back, have a friend or two over, and enjoy some wine. But whenever I do this, I always like to make the experience a little educational both for my friends and for myself. With that in mind, I took a look to the Ada Nada estate in Barbaresco, which has been under the ownership of the Nada family for almost 100 years (96 to be exact), to pick out a pair of single-vineyard Barbarecos. You can drink these two wines now, or you can hold onto them and drink them years down the road, and seeing that these wines are well under $50 a bottle, you’re going to want to.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Cichin 2009 $44.99

The hillside vineyards of Ada Nada all maintain their own micro-climates. Because of this variety, there are distinct differences from grapes procured practically alongside one another. The Cichin (my Italian colleague told me to say “chicken” like a tourist) is the more austere of these two wines, and it exhibits wonderful structure. It needed to be open an hour or so before pouring, but it was truly splendid. Drink now and for the next ten years.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Elisa 2009 $47.55

Ada Nada also produces the Elisa on this ten-hectare estate. Far more gracious in style, the Elisa is elegant as it passes over the palate, but there is no shortage of round fruit and spice. Both wines are superb examples of Nebbiolo from this tiny region, but the Elisa is ready to go now. Drink now and for the next ten years.


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