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Expert Picks: San Giuliano and Tenuta San Guido

Posted on | February 3, 2015 | Written by Will Di Nunzio | No Comments

Will_B_8.6.14_72dpiThere is an enormous number of different wines in Italy, so many that it’s difficult to navigate all the producers, grapes, regions, styles and vintages by yourself. For these reasons, it makes sense that Sergio came up with the concept of IWM’s portfolio managers; we are educators, guides and trusted wine friends who can steer you in the right direction. I have served all these functions for my clients over the years, and the question they most often ask is “What should I get?”

Obviously the answer depends completely on personal preferences, wine occasion and wine budget. Today I wanted to give two perspectives of high quality in a high and low range, and I chose two of my recent favorites from our cellars. The first is an extremely well priced Barbaresco from the San Giuliano estate, a wine we carry year in and year out and arguably the best value in Barbaresco. The second bottle is all-out collectible wine you can enjoy right now. If you’re going to put down the cash you may as well drink some of the best and most collected wine from Italy: Sassicaia.

San Giuliano Barbaresco 2010 $52.25

Piemonte – Nebbiolo

Crafting a mere 400 cases average per year of this Barbaresco, the owner of San Giuliano, Giulio Pastura, is consistent in his efforts to produce high quality wine at low cost. Like other serious wine makers in Italy, his interest, and his grandfather’s interest before him, is to make impeccable wine that is terroir driven, but Giulio is also invested in making wines that are accessible early on. The San Giuliano 2010 Barbaresco is a gorgeous wine for its price point. Traditional, lean, great tannic structure indicating great potential to age, this little wine will be a big reward in a few years!

Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 1999 $309.00

Toscana – Cab Sauv, Cab Franc

We all know this story, don’t we? Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, girl happens to be in love with Bordeaux, so boy makes Bordeaux-styled wines in Italy and changes the Italian wine industry forever. If you have not had the most collected Italian wine there is, today is your lucky day. Sassicaia is likely one of the most delicious and beautiful wines you’ll ever touch to your lips, but this 1999 in particular is stunning. I had a bottle over New Year’s, and it was a wondrous experience—perfectly balanced, smooth, this wine’s dark berries and incredible earth tones made it a delight for my friends and me. This ’99 is ready to drink, so if you own it I recommend opening it, and if you buy it, I recommend opening it. What a great bottle!



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