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Expert Picks: Voerzio and Rinaldi

Posted on | February 5, 2015 | Written by Francesco Vigorito | No Comments

Francesco 2014Today I am going to pay homage to two Piemonte greats: Roberto Voerzio and Bepi Rinaldi! Both producers are iconoclasts, even though they make wines that are in totally different styles. Nothing is more traditional than Rinaldi Barolo and today I’m highlighting the 1995 Le Coste, which is firing on all cylinders. Next, I just have to talk about Voerzio’s Barberas as they do not get the attention they deserve! I chose magnum bottles for both of these wines because wines this great deserve a large platform.

Giuseppe Rinaldi 1995 Barolo Brunate Le Coste (1.5L) $499.00

Over the past year, I have grown insanely in love with Rinaldi Barolo. His 1996 Le Coste is still on my mind from tasting it about a year ago, and while the 1995 won’t have the structure of 1996, this bottling provides an extremely elegant, floral and sophisticated Barolo loaded with nuance and all that aged Barolo goodness. Out of magnum, this wine has to be even better than that of a normal-sized bottle!

Voerzio 1997 Barbera Riserva Pozzo Annunziata (1.5L) $475.00

Mostly known for his Barolos, the “mad scientist” of Piemonte, Roberto Voerzio, has the lowest yields in the business! That said, he makes a single-vineyard Riserva Barbera that can hang with any Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello or Super Tuscan. Supremely dense and concentrated, this is unlike any other Barbera I have tasted. The sheer concentration and density alone in a Barbera this old is unrivaled. Couple that density with the ripeness of the 1997 vintage, and you have something truly opulent and spectacular.


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