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Expert Picks: Scarzello and Paolo Scavino

Posted on | February 11, 2015 | Written by Garrett Kowalsky | No Comments

Garrett_8.6.14_72dpiToday I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Barolos that start with the letter “S”—just kidding. What I really want to do is present two outstanding producers from Piemonte. Scarzello and Scavino make very different wines, but both offer incredible drinking pleasure this time of year. I present to you the everyday brilliance of Scarzello and a cru from Scavino, today in magnum.

Scarzello 2007 Barolo $59.99

In wine there are sometimes vintages referred to as “restaurant vintages.” This generally implies that the wine in the bottle is approachable and lovely in its youth, though it may not stand the test of time. Some see this as derogatory, but in actuality, this is necessary. If every wine took twenty years to come around, it would be hard to enjoy anything! 2007 was a warm vintage in Barolo that produced inviting wines. This Scarzello is vibrant, juicy and inviting, and it’s great intro to the style and region. Drink now and for 5-7 years.

Paolo Scavino 2004 Barolo Carobric 1.5L $249.50

Unlike 2007, 2004 was certainly not a “restaurant vintage.” It was a cool year in Barolo that produced monumental wines with the capability to age a half a century. That being said, I tasted this Scavino at a tasting recently and marveled at how it showed. Carobric is a blend of several different vineyard sites, and now at ten years old, it’s starting to hit its stride. Plus, this is a magnum and really, who doesn’t love big bottles? Drink now and for twenty years.


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