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Breezy Beautiful Beachy Summer Wines

Posted on | July 27, 2015 | Written by Janice Cable | No Comments

beachAs much as I adore a big, heady, complicated bottle of Barolo, Brunello or Amarone, some summer days and some velvet summer nights call for bottles that are easy, lively, delicious and uncomplicated. Every summer I spend some time out on Fire Island, where I live by different rhythms than those I live by in the city. Instead of the trains, the nightlife, the internet and the iPhone, I live by the beach, the tides, the grill, and the deck.

The little community where I stay is extremely quiet—for example, there are no cars. We get everywhere by bicycle, and we pull our groceries and our luggage by little red wagon. It seems out of place to drink big wines here (though I’ve certainly enjoyed bottles of Sammarco, Il Palazzone, and Quintarelli on special occasions). For my most recent trip out here, I shipped seven bottles of delicious wines: four reds , one white, one amber and one rosé.

For the reds, I chose a Rosso di Montalcino from of my all-time favorite Montalcino producers, Baricci; San Giuliano’s beguiling Barbaresco; Le Macchiole’s seductive Bolgheri Rosso; and Aldo Conterno’s exuberant Barbera d’Alba. I wanted food-friendly favorites that would pair with grilled meat and fish, and I think I did really well. They were each distinctive and each delicious. But as much as I like reds, I was more excited for the other wines.

The white was Ferrando La Torrazza Erbaluce di Caluso, and it was a delicate, honeyed, mineral beauty. Really, I can’t say enough good things about this under $20 wine. The rosato was a splurge, as was the amber wine. The former was Raffaele Palma Salicerchi, and this deeply sanguine, powerful rosato floored my friends. Finally, I brought a bottle of Josko Gravner’s 2005 Ribolla Anfora. What can I say? Gravner makes my very favorite wine, and this is like drinking textured velvet. One of my friends turned 40, and the Gravner felt like a fitting marker to her birthday. It was a lovely few days, made all the better for great wines to share with great friends.


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