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Expert Picks: Barone Pizzini and Louis Roederer

Posted on | September 22, 2015 | Written by Garrett Kowalsky | No Comments

Garrett_8.6.14_72dpiTomorrow marks the start of fall. Many of you might lament the impending cool weather, but I don’t. I welcome the cool nights, seasonal treats and the dazzling array of colors in the foliage. Below you will find two tremendous sparklers. You might say to yourselves, “Aren’t sparkling wines summery?” I am of the belief that Cava, Prosecco, Franciacorta and Champagne are all-season wines, and I intend to drink them in celebration of the arrival of autumn. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Barone Pizzini 2009 Rosé Franciacorta $49.50

Unlike Prosecco, which uses the Italian grape Prosecco and a different production method, Italy’s Franciacorta, located in Lombardia, is actually quite similar to Champagne from France. This Rosé uses Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (both champagne grapes) and the secondary fermentation, the process that gives the wine its bubbles, happens inside the bottle (this is known as méthod champenoise). The noble family of Pizzini and their relationship to the Franciacorta region date all the way back to 1870 and this estate was among the first in the region to go organic. This is wine presents an incredibly fine mousse and red berries dance across your palate. Drink now until 2018.

Louis Roederer 2006 Cristal $249.00

You would be hard pressed to find a wine drinker across the globe that is not at least familiar with the name “Cristal.” The brand has become so famous that you might start to think there’s no way it would match the hype—but you’d be wrong. The family-owned Louis Roederer estate owns grand swaths of vineyard and it has access to some of the finest and most refined microclimates, all of which find their way into this detailed, floral and rich offering. Time will only make this prime vintage Champagne better. Drink 2016 to 2026.



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