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Expert Picks: Miani and…Miani!

Posted on | October 15, 2015 | Written by Francesco Vigorito | No Comments

Francesco 2014Enzo Pontoni, owner of cult estate Miani in Friuli, is arguably one of Italy’s finest winemakers. If you have ever tasted his wines, you know why. If you have not, then you are missing out one of Italy’s very best. With Enzo’s reputation and the scarce amount of wine that he makes, his wines are impossibly rare and extremely sought after. Time after time, IWM has the best allocation of Miani wines, and anytime you find the opportunity to snap up Miani’s wines, you absolutely should.

Miani 2010 Rosso $99.99

In 2010 Enzo chose not to bottle any of his top single-vineyard reds, which command prices of over $300, he to put all that wonderful and expensive fruit into his Rosso bottling. I was blown away when I tasted this wine last in April. The nose is so powerful that I could smell the aromas with out even swirling. The flavors are dark, ripe and juicy to the core, and the wine displays an extraordinary class and elegance.

Miani 2013 Chardonnay $104.99

One of the best expressions of Italian Chardonnay that I have come across! Crisp, mineral-laden, deep, and heavily concentrated, this Chardonnay can rattle your bones from head to toe. The more approachable Chardonnay in Miani’s lineup, this wine offers some ripe tropical and citrus notes with background of hazelnuts. It’s sublime!


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