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Great, Geeky, Gorgeous Grattamacco

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Vines growing at Grattamacco

Vines growing at Grattamacco

Founded in 1977, Grattamacco, one of the pioneers of Bolgheri and the Super-Tuscan movement, was the second winery in Bolgheri—Sassicaia was the first, and these two estates have vineyards that abut one another. In this respect, Grattamacco sits both literally and figuratively in the shadow of its more famous neighbor. But that seems to be a position that fits the unassuming Grattamacco. It’s a winery that revels in its intellectual approach to winemaking.

Grattamacco sits on a windy plain 100m above sea level. Winemaker Luca Marrone explained that the estate gets 300 sunny days a year and a steady breeze, which helps their organically grown grapes—Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Petit Verdot and Vermentino—ripen without rot, and in an unusual move, Grattamacco sweeps through and picks all the different types of grapes for its blends in one shot. The estate takes tender loving care of their grapes, even to the point of inventing Rube Goldberg looking machinery that gently tips the sorted grapes into the vats to keep their skins from bruising and thus releasing harsh tannins.

IMG_1333Grattamacco’s wines are anything but also-rans, and in their tasty minerality, they speak of the stony soil (in Etruscan, it’s the “macco” of Grattamacco) where their grapes grew. And unlike neighboring Sassicaia, the flagship blend includes a percentage of Sangiovese, increasing that sense of place and history. The wines embody the estate’s personality, that of an A-level student whom you like as much for his brains as his sense of humor. It’s a gorgeous, geeky winery that makes joyfully intellectual wines.

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