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Expert Picks: Valle dell’Acate and Venturini

Posted on | November 5, 2015 | Written by Will Di Nunzio | No Comments

will expertIt’s November and you would think that it is fall wine drinking season—that there would be cold weather, crisp air and perhaps the occasion to light a fire in your home if you have such a luxury. But it’s been 70 degree weather in NYC, so it has been confusing as to what fall is actually doing. Being prepared for a range of weather seems like a good idea. A good wine drinker, like a good Boy Scout, needs to be prepared, so I chose a light, fruity Sicilian wine for warm days and a giant, velvety beast for the cold days.

Valle dell’Acate 2014 Il Frappato Vittoria $21.99

Since I first started here at IWM, Valle dell’Acate’s wines have always impressed me. One of the few Sicilian winemakers we have always carried over the years, Valle dell’Acate’s bottles are simply delicious. Frappato is a grape varietal found in Sicily; light and elegant like a pinot noir with beautiful fruit, Frappato makes a wine with cherry-like notes. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to Thanksgiving amuse-bouche and a delightful start to any meal.

Venturini 2005 Amarone Campomasua $64.99

Venturini delivers a massive Amarone in this bottling, yet it’s elegant and approachable. Campomasua (or the “field of Masua”) is a special vineyard that sists at 250 meters above sea level and is strategically positioned for optimal exposure on Mount Masua in the Valpolicella Valley. Founded in 1963, the Venturini estate has excelled and now produces eight incredible wines. The Campomasua bottling is very special and a perfect wine for the cold months ahead; my favorite thing to pair this wine with is chunks of Parmiggiano Reggiano drizzled with honey drizzle at the end of a meal. It’s a pure delight.


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