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Inside IWM, November 2-5, 2015: Explore the Unusual

Posted on | November 6, 2015 | Written by IWM Staff | No Comments

There's Sangiovese Grosso in them there hills

There’s Sangiovese Grosso in them there hills

This week began with a salute to Sangiovese Grosso and ended with using your four senses to guide you to better tasting (spoiler alert: it’s everything but hearing). In between, we enjoyed a lovely $22 Rosato from Italy’s North and broadened wine horizons by venturing into French territory.

Our experts explored the unusual this week. Michael Adler poured out two bottlings of Italian Chardonnay from Gaja and Antinori. Will Di Nunzio responded to this fall’s weird weather with two all-temperature reds. John Camacho Vidal embraces autumn with biodynamic amber bottles from Paolo Bea and Josko Gravner. And Garrett Kowalsky says, “Viva la difference!” and picks two very different wines.

Cheers to you and your exploration, wherever it takes you and your wine glass!


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