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Expert Picks: Il Conventino and Cupano

Posted on | November 11, 2015 | Written by Francesco Vigorito | No Comments

Francesco 2014We all know that Thanksgiving Day is coming in just a couple of weeks, but the question of what to drink on that glorious smorgasbord of food day is still an open one. Red? White? Sparkling? Rose? Who knows! My favorite combinations tend to be good people, good food and good wines. Those three aspects inspire conversation and create lasting memories, so I don’t get too inventive about what to serve on Thanksgiving. If it helps you answer that all-important question of what to pour, here are two wines I am planning to drink!

Il Conventino 2014 Rosato $19.99

A 100% Sangiovese Rosato is not only a thing of beauty, but it is also pretty hard to come by. Most people do not think of Sangiovese being made into a rosato, which is why I want to bring this one to light today. This wine is extremely versatile due to its fresh and mildly fruity character, making it a dream to pair with many types of foods and palates. I always have a rosato on the table for most any family occasions, and the Il Conventino is one of my go-to bottles. It’s a great way to start a meal!

Cupano 2004 Rosso di Montalcino (1.5L) $94.99

More than likely you are going to have a large group of people at your Thanksgiving dinner, and one of my favorite things to do for a group is to open large format wines with a little bit of age. A Rosso di Montalcinos is perfect for a Thanksgiving feast because it is a very versatile wine that can pair with just about anything. This Cupano Rosso di Montalcino is elegant enough for turkey and rich enough to stand up to the more opulent side dishes. Cupano’s 2004 Rosso hails from one of the top recent vintages in Montalcino, so it’s a complete all-star.


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