The Inside Story from Italian Wine Merchants

Inside IWM, November 9-12, 2015: Surprising Wine Edition!

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All roads lead to Chianti

All roads lead to Chianti

We kicked off the week with a history lesson in Italian wine, most specifically how we got Chianti Classico (and it wasn’t a simple journey). Then Stephane Menard poured out a terrific under $25 Chianti Classico with a delicious ragù Toscano, recipe included! Finally, John Camacho Vidal wrote about his melting pot Thanksgiving and suggested three palate-pleasing wines that are versatile enough to accompany a wide array of foods.

Our experts split along French and Italian lines this week. On the French side of the divide are Crystal, who picked a pair of Pousse d’Or Volnays, and Garrett, who opted for two Etienne Sauzet Puligny-Montrachet bottles. On the Italian side, both Francesco and Michael chose a red bottle and a rosato bottle. Francesco’s are from Il Conventino and Cupano, while Michael’s are from Biondi-Santi and Le Macchiole; all are surprising!

Here’s to being always surprised by wine, its history, its differences, its range, and our love for it!


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