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Go-to-Wine Tuesday: Col Vetoraz Prosecco

Posted on | January 26, 2016 | Written by Stephane Menard | No Comments


Picture 717The holiday season is over, but it’s always time for more bubbly! My favorite pick for aperitivi, brunches, and parties is Col Vetoraz Prosecco, which we also have in the impressive magnum format. The 750ml bottle is under $22, so it’s easy to pop this Prosecco any night of the week.

Many Prosecco wines on the market are in my opinion too sweet and aromatic, almost peach candy flavored, but the Col Vetoraz is dry and shows perfect balance between its aromas of succulent orchard fruits and pointed acidity. Col Vetoraz’s vineyards overlook the mountains are situated in an immense amphitheater, sheltered from the west winds. Founders of the original estate, the Miotto family settled down in the Veneto in 1838 and started growing vines. In 1993 Francesco, a direct descendant of Miotto family, together with Paolo De Bortoli and Loris da’Acqua established the current Col Vetoraz. In the few last years, Col Vetoraz has gained renown and won several Italian winemaking awards.

We know of the origins of the Prosecco grape (formerly called Glera) from Roman writings in the second century BCE. In writing on the main wines of ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder lauded Prosecco’s forbearer as one of the great wines served at the tables of Roman dignitaries, and he added that it could make people live longer. The wife of Emperor Augustus, credited for her longevity, said, “No other wine is better for medicinal purposes.” I don’t know whether or not Prosecco adds years to your life, but it surely can’t hurt.

Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG sits in the area from from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano in the Veneto region. Prosecco, unlike Champagne, undergoes secondary fermentation in a tank rather than in the bottle, and is then disgorged and bottled tightly to capture its magic bubbles. Col Vetoraz makes a Prosecco that’s one of the best values out there. I like to enjoy it with family and friends, and you should try it the next time you want to celebrate life and all its every day joys!



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