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Go-To-Wine Tuesday: Valle dell’Acate 2014 Frappato Vittoria

Posted on | February 2, 2016 | Written by Sean Collins | No Comments

RD8758-2It was great to enjoy beautiful weather last weekend after being caged indoors from the blizzard the week before. The unseasonable warmth put me in a mood for something inexpensive, fruity, and good with a light meal. After doing a little research, I found this terrific catch, the Valle dell’Acate 2014 Frappato Vittoria. For a $22 bottle, this wine features noticeable depth and layers. Once I got past the smoothness, I was hit by a wave of red fruit and herbs, followed by a rush of juicy cherries.

Valle dell’Acate can trace its roots back to the nineteenth century; however that does not mean they’re afraid to embrace technology. Using a combination of classical winemaking and modern systems, this estate stresses eco-friendly sustainability, while also striving to use whatever means available to better its product. Rather than catering to market demands, the estate sticks to tradition and almost exclusively grows grapes native to Sicily. This vineyard uses Sicily’s indigenous Frappato grapes to create a velvety, yet distinctly fruity wine that is spectacular for its price range, and the result is an aromatic and velvety wine perfect for warm and light jacket weather.

My roommates and I were inspired me to forget last week’s blizzard and go exploring in the city for some of New York’s own indigenous plant life, so we visited Inwood Hill Park for its indigenous vegetation and spectacularly preserved Native American caves. Seeing New York’s natural side really helped further my appreciation of Valle dell’Acate’s commitment to sustainability and the pride this estate has in its heritage. After a long afternoon of exploring northern Manhattan, we returned home and enjoy some Sicilian history in a bottle. Just as we had hoped, a healthy meal of grilled chicken and green vegetables went perfectly with Valle dell’Acate’s Frappato Vittoria. This is an easy go-to wine choice for anyone looking for a touch of adventure, or just a day outside with friends.


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