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Expert Picks: Louis Jadot and Henri Boillot

Posted on | March 8, 2016 | Written by Garrett Kowalsky | No Comments

Garrett_8.6.14_72dpiCorton-Charlemagne is the source of some of the most heralded and sought-after wines on the entire planet. The name derives from a previous owner, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, and legend has it that it’s planted only to one white grape, Chardonnay, because the emperor’s wife preferred white wine because it wouldn’t stain the emperors white beard. Whether this is a sweet fairytale or total hogwash, the wine world is in agreement that we appreciate this gorgeous chunk of hill north of the village of Beaune. There’s no question that Corton-Charlemagne produces world-class whites, and here are two favorites of mine that are in stock.

Domaine des Heritiers Louis Jadot 2012 Corton-Charlemagne $199.00

Once again I will stand on my soapbox and scream out to the masses how much I adore Louis Jadot’s wines. For four decades, Jacques Lardiére led this estate to greatness, and he recently had a seamless handoff to its current steward, Frédéric Barnier. There is no end in sight to Louis Jadot’s prowess. This Corton is ripe with fruit but it finds balance with just enough toast (wood) on the nose and palate. It is explosive, and the finish is loooooong. Drink 2017-2030.

Domaine Henri Boillot 2012 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru $219.00

This is a serious, serious wine. It is no secret to Burghounds that Henri Boillot produces some of the finest white wine—period. A fifth-generation producer, he currently farms 12 acres of vineyards, just under half of it white, and Henri is fanatical about the process from farming to bottling. His passion shines in his wines, and this Corton possesses an underlying intensity that reflects that Henri’s devotion. All the descriptors you would use for a Corton—broad shouldered, complex, rich, decadent, and persistent—all apply here. Drink 2017-2030.


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