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Inside IWM, January 20-22, 2015: Dense and Intense Edition

A look back at the week that was

gravner glassesWhen your week starts with a holiday, segues into personal journey into the heart of Montalcino, and finishes with seven vintages of Gravner, it has been one worthy of wine adjectives: dense, intense, complex, powerful, and heady. On his trip to Italy, David Bertot visited Il Palazzone, so his Go-To-Wine Tuesday post on Rosso del Palazzone, the estate’s answer to Rosso di Montalcino, isn’t just about this delicious wine; it’s also about his experience visiting the land whence it came. Speaking of Montalcino, Robin Kelley O’Connor gives us the insider’s view into the 2010 Brunello and 2013 Rosso di Montalcino! And Crystal finishes the week with her experience drinking a seven-vintage vertical of Gravner Ribolla Anfora, and her thoughts on what foods might match these peerless wines.

Our Experts showed a similar drive, verve and focus this week. Garrett Kowalsky picked a pair of dessert wines to deliciously punctuate your meal, one from Antinori’s outpost in Umbria and the other from the Veneto. Looking to Bordeaux and the wines inspired by this hallowed region, David Gwo selected two beauties, a Bordeaux-style blend from Tenuta Leonardo and a 2009 Bordeaux from Chateau Belair-Monange. Maybe it’s the mountain air in Aspen, but Francesco Vigorito is drawn to the vintage whites from one Alto-Adige collective, Cantina Terlano. Aficionados of mature white wines don’t want to miss these 30-year-old whites!

Cheers to your week, your wine, and your enjoying both, preferably in the company of people you love.

Inside IWM, December 1-4, 2014: Love What You Drink Edition

A look back at the week that was

IMG_3824From enjoying a beautiful Rosso di Montalcino from the humble Baricci family to exploring the unsung region of Lazio or the lesser-known dry whites of Bordeaux, this week on IWM exhorts you to love what you drink. And if enjoying David Bertot’s personal spin on Barrici or Robin Kelley O’Connor’s in-depth look at Bordeaux isn’t enough to make you salivate, then check in on IWM’s own Chef Mike, who offers an easy, delicious and healthy recipe for Panelle de Fave, a great alternative to polenta.

Our Experts all went with single estates this week. Justin sung the praises of under-the-radar Bachey-Legros; Crystal showed her love for Super-Tuscan gentle giant Castello dei Rampolla; and Garrett honored the legacy of Burgundy great Joseph Drouhin. Six superb wines, and each one very, very different–how can you not love what you drink?

As we slide deeper in to the holiday season, we invite you to join us at IWM NYC at one of our tasting events, and we thank you for letting us help you find wines to share with you and yours!

Inside IWM, November 17-20, 2014: We’re So Excited Edition

A look back at the week that was

Panzano di Chianti

Panzano di Chianti

Next week is the official beginning of the holiday season and, quite frankly, we at IWM are so excited. We just can’t hide it. We began the week with a consideration of unusual wine glasses spurred by our love of these new hand-blown crystal tumblers designed by Josko Gravner himself! We ended the week with a comprehensive cheese ball-to-apple pie dish-by-dish pairing suggestions for your Thanksgiving meal; trust Crystal Edgar to give us the full panoply of delicious possibilities. Jessica Catelli got pretty thrilled about this $28 bottle of Dolcetto from the grape’s master, Quinto Chionetti. And don’t miss David Bertot’s two-minute pictorial tribute to Toscana; you’ll be transported.

Our Experts brought us to France this week, where they intermingled history lessons with wine choices. Garrett Kowalsky paid homage to the late, great Hubert Montille with two wines from this legendary producer’s estate, Domaine de Montille. David Gwo expanded our mind grapes with a lesson in Champagne, selecting a pair of vintage beauties from Billecart-Salmon, ideal for the holidays–or any time! And Robin Kelley O’Connor took us to theRhône Valley with his selections from Domaine de la Jaufrette and Jaboulet! (If you’re in NYC, don’t miss RKO’s tasting with Victor Coulon, winemaker from the traditional Southern Rhône house Domaine de Beaurenard; it’s tomorrow, and it looks amazing!)

A Tour of IWM’s Events, from Our House to Yours!

Learning about wine with friends, old and new

vtr and bottlesAs many of you may know, Italian Wine Merchants is much more than just a wine retail store. We also offer a variety of elegant events—with delicious food, great settings and, of course, outrageous wine. Our events range from private wedding receptions to Saturday Tastings, which are always hosted by highly knowledge wine experts, and our tastings can be formal sit-down winemaker dinners or informal gatherings in Studio Del Gusto. I feel that our clients leave extremely satisfied with their experiences here regardless how big or small. I know that my first Saturday tasting lead by our very own Robin O’Conner was a delightful and educational afternoon to say the least. I learned a lot, drank some great wines and felt really comfortable.

unnamedI’m very fond of our Studio del Gusto. I like its rustic hardwood flooring, the wine bottles that are showcased along the walls, and its beautiful seasonal floral arrangements. It truly offers an original learning laboratory ambiance. To me it whispers Italian hospitality all the way around, and the Old World feel helps ease clients of all levels into new, wonderful knowledge of wines.

vtr and tableIWM’s Vintage Tasting Room is a little gem tucked in the corner of a wine store. It looks and feels like an Italian wine cellar—and even at 58 degrees, it radiates charm and hospitality. Wine provides pleasure in many contexts, but the VTR lets you feel really close to it. This space is private and provides an intimate vibe while guests share a fine selection of meats, cheese, antipasti and the amazing dishes that our kitchen has to offer.

olives and bottlesOf course, there’s no intimacy like your own home, and IWM loves to visit you in yours. I have yet to play host to one of these events, but my colleagues who have hosted seem to really enjoy them because it is an original unlike any other experience. It’s one thing to have you come to our “house” at IWM, and it’s an honor to be invited into yours.

I love learning about wine and helping others to learn too. Most of all, I love tasting new wines with new friends—and that’s the essence of IWM’s events!

Inside IWM August 11-14, 2014: We <3 Food

A look back at the week that was

Mike_Fish Fillet_4_72dpiWe began this week with a salute to the unsung hero of so many culinary delights, stock. Proper stock is like a foundation for a skyscraper; no one sees it, but without it, the whole enterprise crumbles. We finished the week with a heart-felt paean to a much-maligned, deeply food-friendly wine, Lambrusco. In between, we got a beautiful interview with IWM’s new Executive Chef, Mike Marcelli (and we learned what he’d make for his last meal). We also explored the differences between modern and traditional Dolcetto and got a delicious recommendation for an under $30 bottle.

Our Experts were focused on exploring unknown terrain. Garrett opted for one tried-and-true producer, Canalicchio di Sopra, and one new love, Raffaele Palma–and Will Di Nunzio doubled down on the Raffaele Palma love, complementing Garret’s red with the estate’s white, pairing it with De Forville’s value Nebbiolo. David Gwo offered a salute to 2008 Brunello with picks from Talenti and Antinori’s Pian delle Vigne. And Justin offered two great Beaujolais, one from Chateau Fuisse and another historic bottling from Domaine Lapierre.

Cheers to food and wine, two ways to our collective heart!

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